Who’s behind les 100 cols à gratter?


100 Cols à Gratter is the story of three friends who are willing to share their passion for cycling. For years, we have been riding our bikes to the top of the most iconic climbs and across beautiful regions in France, each ride leaving wonderful memories of the landscapes and the time we were spending together. To us, cycling is way more than a mean of personal accomplishment or a sport, it brings us together, enables us to go beyond our limits and to explore new territories in an eco-friendly way.


We invite you on a journey. The poster includes 100 cases covering the famous mountain passes of the Alps and the Pyrenees but also iconic climbs of Brittany, the Jura, the Vosges but also twisted roads of Corsica. On top of the challenge it represents, we also wanted to help you discover less famous but nonetheless challenging spots with surprising views at the top ! 

Initially all climb profiles are hidden, you will need to get to the top to scratch the ink and reveal the features of the challenge you have accomplished (distance, elevation gain, gradient…). We hope each of these rides will give you the same satisfaction we have felt when riding through these beautiful routes. So hop on your bike !